Luxury Strategy Project: Lun Dao

  • For this project, we need to develop a highly sustainable brand from China and conquer the American luxury market. We chose the luxury and leading tea company in China, Zhu Ye Qing and selected the most luxurious brand under it, Lun Dao to be our brand. Since tea is one of the most recognizable culture and products of China and it is better to be related to people's daily life than another well-known products of China, silk, does, we made our mind that tea would be the best product for us to enter the US market. Besides, Lun Dao was not only the luxury brand from China but also a representation of the Chinese culture at the cultural exchange event in Europe. However, we did not merely sell the Chinese tea culture and this luxury tea brand to Americans but introduce a new perspective of life to them. We combined the tea culture with the philosophy of Taoism, emphasizing the concentration of self inner side through the meditation while enjoying tea. In this project, we did a complete research on the history of Chinese tea culture and Taoism, as well as the tea market in the US.
    All images, except the interier blue print and the mockup of advertisement, are from the Internet.