Know Your Gut: Lecture Series

    A Lecture by Danny Tran in 2029
    I was assigned a partner for this project and was to enquire what his career goals were and where he saw himself in the next 15 years.  Through this process I  was asked to imagine that my partner would be returning to school in 15 years to give a lecture to students and  tasked to design a series of postcards about the subject matter of his lecture. I had to form a concept to base the subject of the lecture on with some correleation to him as a person and his career. Likewise my parter had to do the same for me. Essentially the goal of this porject was to really get us thinking about our future identities as Graphic Designers.
    Danny Tran aims to one day own a  multidisciplinary creative agency of his own (Trans Design)  specializing  in art direction, concept development and graphic design for print web and video. Influenced by Danny's character the work that Trans Design produces, carries a quirky aesthetic with alot  'shock factor' that apropriately delivers  while pleasantly surprising . I decided to focus the content of his lecture on the creative thinking porcess behind the dynamic stimualting work the agency produces as opposed to a lecture about the work itself or his career
    The presentation will explore particularly the role of spontaneity and personal intuition in an often strategic design process that is required for the efficiency of business. Danny will discuss the personal application of this phenomena to his creative process. It entails listening to the ‘gut-feeling’ and inner-voice of the heart and balancing that with the logic of the mind to guide designers in weighing alternatives. The careful application of what Danny calls “Strategic Intuition” informs everything from decision-making to planning and execution
    My application of the idea focuses on visuals that are metaphorcially related to the subject of the lecture as well as highly characteristic of the quirky work Danny produces. The typography is very neutral and set in Helvetica to keep the focus on the graphic imagery of bloody guts ironically ovelayed in vibrant whimsical colors.