Pylones Print Ads


    Being in the kitchen all the time can be boring,
    especially for young mothers who treat cooking just 
    like another chore. Pylones is a store that brings life to 
    the mundane and everyday products that people use 
    in their day to day lives. The challenge was to make 
    these mothers realize that working in the kitchen does not have to be 
    boring, especially when you have Pylones. For this, I 
    chose the Spaceship Juicer.
    The solution was to bring the fun and youth back into 
    the kitchen. These mothers with their young kids can 
    reimagine the way working in the kitchen is meant to 
    be. Inspired by a vintage sci-fi tone and imagery such 
    as the Star Wars posters, I created a series of print ads 
    highlighting the imaginary world that the mothers can 
    share with their children when using the Spaceship 
  • Product Photography: Aneeza Arshad