Packaging & Publication

  • Séjour Botique Hostel
    Séjour is a fictional botique hostel for the budget-minded traveler who still wants a quality lodging experience. We provide comprehensive customer service, high attention to detail, and a vibrant community atmosphere at a wallet-friendly price.
  • Identity Design
    Séjour’s identity evokes feelings of welcomeness and community. The brand mark is a variation on the acute accent, which is found in languages around the world. It also resembles an apostrophe—a conjunction mark that brings words together, just like Séjour brings people together.
  • Welcome Booklet
    A guest’s guide to all things Séjour, this booklet provides a comprehensive list of all the services that the hostel offers. It also includes a journal that the guest can use to record their experiences. Guests can enjoy taking the booklet with them and replacing full journals with new ones acquired at the hostel front desk.
  • *Welcome booklet body copy modified from a document.
  • Welcome Kit
    An eco-friendly, re-usable kit that stores an eye mask for sleeping and ear plugs for noise reduction. It is designed with the basic needs of a traveler in mind. 
  • Stationery Set
    A fun stationery set for guests to use during and after their stay. The paper can be folded into an envelope and mailed, ultimately saving paper and waste. The business cards use the shape of the logo’s brandmark.
  • Bathroom Set
    Along with other amenities, Séjour provides guests with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. This set encompasses the three items and can be found on the counter in each guest bathroom.