Cherry Packaging

  • This is a packaging design for a box of dried cherries- the brand and logo are something I created as well. 
    I love both hydrated and dehydrated fruits, so I was pretty excited about this one.
  • Below is some of my process work- after thumbnailing the general design of the box, I did a
    rough sketch and compiled all of the sticker and label elements onto one file to see how it would look.
    Then, I could get a stronger grasp of how the box would be laid out and could tweak the layout.
    I also needed to see for myself how the cherries would look on the box in
    relationship to the other elements before progressing any farther.
  • For the sake of time and speed, I used my rough cherry sketch to create a few quick color studies
    rather than recreating them again. I did, however, feel I needed to make the cherries smaller and
    greater in number for the final.
  • The more I tweaked the colors, the more I realized that white was a much cleaner and
    nicer background color. After creating the final, I dropped it into my template and started on the text next.
    Below are three different type options for the words on the box.
  • (The logo I had made in Adobe indesign- I scanned in a few pencil sketches and vectorized them.)
    Then I made a few minor changes to create the final version seen at the top of the page.