Festive Swatchbook

  • This Class project was an exploration of different types of Papers, and production techniques. As part of the assignment was to design a swatch book, with a strong theme to appeal to designers.
    This special edition Neenah Paper swatchbook was inspired by Indian Festivals and the special edition swatchbook comes as a set of playing cards and chips. The conncection between festivals and playing cards is of a unique one, many indulge in playing cards and gambling to celebrate and enjoy these festivals with the onset of sharavan. Special techniques such as foiling and spot finishes are used. The box comes along with 
    2-packs of playing cards and chips.
  • The box has been contructed from scatch.
  • The chips are made out of acrylic.
  • The cards have illustrations of the God's to show hierarchy of jack,queen, king and ace.