Babalot Play, Know Victory's Pulse

  • Client: Babalot Play Tennis Racket. The first racket of it’s kind to track every aspect of your game.
    Communication Opportunity: Babolat Play is the most advanced tool for your game. The future of tennis is now.
    Target Audience: Men and Women 20-35. These people range from serious players to students and aficionados. They are always looking for the newest technology to give them an edge on the game and are highly competitive people who love the game.
    Creative Strategy: Take competitiveness to a new a level. Know victory’s pulse.
  • Interactive Kiosks Showcase. Placed around tennis arenas.
  • Interactive Kiosks. Placed around tennis arenas.
  • Interactive Kiosks Slide 1. Placed around tennis arenas.
  • Interactive Kiosks Slide 2. Placed around tennis arenas.
  • Court Reveals. A message is revealed as players move around the court.
  • Ambient Takeovers
  • In Store. Point of purchase driving range.
  • In Store. Point of purchase driving range.
  • Sponsored Stats. Detailed live stats during matches sponsored by Babalot Play.
  • Microsite: The home of the Ultimate Competitors Match Point where players can take their competitiveness to the next level.
    Players can learn more about the competition, what games are being held, leaderboards as well as how they rank with professionals, where they can join in at official and community Meet and Beat events, as well as where to get the gear.