Backroads Cyclelust, Ride to Wonder

  • Client: Backroads. A travel experience by bicycle.
    Communication Opportunity: Backroads not only takes an unusual form of travel through biking and walking, but the wide variety of guided travel options make it a great fit for any type of traveler.
    Target Audience: 20s and 30s, college kids and young adults, active and adventurous, like to bike, live in urban areas.
    Creative Strategy: Engage the biking communities in urban areas with traditional and nontraditional methods to raise awareness of this fun, unique travel option.
  • Cyclelust Travel Agency Design. Prompts people to discover where their bikes can take them and directs them to the bike share experience.
  • Cyclelust Travel Agency Bike Rack
  • Cyclelust Travel Agency Bike Rack
  • Cyclelust Travel Agency Bike Rack
  • Cyclelust Bike Lane Wraps
  • Moving walkway take overs in airport terminals detect movement and move with those passing.  
  • Cyclelust Bike Share Experience 

    The Backroads Ride to Wonder experience will encourage bikers to take the path less tread using bikeshares in various cities to discover temporary pop up installations that could only be on the backroads. These share bikes will be transformed into Cyclelust bikes with interactive screens informing users on the experience to come.
  • Cyclelust Bike Share Experience. 
  • The Microsite: 
    The digital home of the Cyclelust Bike Share experience, where users can select a path and discover what it has to offer using Google Views. At the end users can pin where they’d like to go next to see where the Backroads experience can take them.