• M A R Q
    Student Work/2015
    MARQ was a conceptual campaign about the art of mark making. Defined by its manifesto as any physical application of material onto a surface, marq pursued the idea of the connection between the mind and the hand. The project consisted of a Zine and three packages/products that would theoretically be released quarterly and themed to a central mark making tool for that quarter.
  • Part I.
    The Zine

    In order to capture the handmade, do-it-yourself nature of mark-making, I began my campaign with a zine. This small, cost-effective publication aloows for large production without much capital investment. Inspired by the current zine culture, contemporary graphite artisits, and classic catalogue designs, I created a zine that incorporated pencil illustrations merged with eloquent type to create an eclectic and intriguing design.
  • Part II.
    The Products/Packaging
    The heavy conceptual nature of the project lead me to create some products and packaging that reflected a similar feel. I began by finding three quotes relating to pencils, and built the concepts for each item from these. I wanted to incorporate a handmade, do-it-yourself feeling into the packages as well by using hand-done pencil illustrations, craft paper, canvas material, and twine. 
  • Inspired by Yourcenar's quote, this cloth wrap conatains a hand-burned pencil scabbard and a pencil.
  • Van Gogh's quote fueled an idea for an "unfinished" sketchbook, which contains several pages of his sketches in addition to blank pages. It also comes with a pencil that incorporates a metal clip so that it may not be forsaken.
  • M A R Q
    by Kyle Patton