Textbook : Lettering III

  • L E T T E R I N G    N O T E B O O K   I I I
    An ongoing series of hand-lettering experiements.
    See more here and here - thank you! 
  • Bunk City  -  Marker
  • "I can hear it coming, I can hear the drumming"  -  (via Naughty Boy) -  Brush tip marker
  • 'Let her rip, potato chip!'  -  Marker
  • Boobs Akimbo  -  Brush tip marker
  • Gravity - Nail Polish
  • Change Their Minds  -  Brush tip marker
  • By Sheer Force of Will  -  Brush tip marker
  • "This whole town is wierd and full of jerks."  -  Gilmore Girls  -  Sharpie marker
  • Absorb the Shock  -  Marker
  • 'The only way out is through'  -  Brush tip marker
  • Suddenly it's a habit - Ball point pen
  • Stress the optimism, opposition, opportunities  -  Sharpie marker
  • I'm a fan, man.  -  Colored pencil