Intimate Impressions Paper Swatch book

  • I N T I M A T E 
    I M P R E S S I O N S
    Paper Swatchbook and Mobile App
    'Intimate Impressions' is the  concept and title of a paper swatch book, introducing an imaginary brand new series from Neenah Paper showcasing papers of varying colors, textures and weights. The swatch book is aimed at designers and creative professionals to help them selectively chose and explore an wide range of papers in their print projects.
    In making the swatchbook, I was tasked to create a concept in order to underscore a greater meaning for the series and the choice of papers within the swatch book. My concept plays on the notion of  relationships and our inherent need to be connected with each other. In essence the swatchbook is purposed to communicate Neenah Paper's commitment to its customers's core values and needs as well as its efforts  in stregnthening thier relationship with thier clients. In doing this, the swatch book of course offers to customers a new selection of special papers which are available for order. 
    All die cuts, special finishes and binding were done by hand
    As part of the concept, I designed a mobile app  to provide designers and creative professionals  a service that allows them to seamlessly order samples of paper selections from the Intimate Impressions paper swatch book collection and other collections.