Casino Royale Script Book

  • C A S I N O  R O Y A L E
    Script Book 
    The purpose of this excercise was to experiment with typography epressing various aspects of a movie with it's script. The movie I chose was Casino Royale, one of my favourite James Bond films. James Bond is a classic british fictional character well known for his charm, hansdsome silhouete in a tuxedo, his womanizing and  his sense of danger. My  color and type choices thus attempt to convey the Britsh sophistication James Bond is well known for and the over all mood of the film. I chose Gill Sans, an exclusively britsish sans serif with humanistic characteristcs that strike the right balance between bold and elegant. Black and Gold set a strong presence of the over all atmospehere of the film and ofcourse a deck of playing cards set and apropriate motif for the design of my book and for the film.