Middle Earth Theme Park Concept

  • A personal project begun during my Senior year at Savannah College Of Art & Design, a design for a Middle Earth theme park. It follows the Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings storylines. The entrance in through Hobbiton as both stories start there. From there you can head to the center, Rivendell, which is a secondary jumping off point in both stories and serves as a guiding beacon for your own adventure. On the left are the lands traveled in the Hobbit and on the right are those in The Lord Of The Rings. Each area is designed with a plethora of attraction & vending opportunities and features one large attraction to draw guests in.

    Development draws from the movies to keep with public continuity but some of the designs were begun prior to the release of the last two Hobbit movies. There are multiple plans for non-movie elements as well to appeal to Tolkien fans including hints to Silmarillion events.