Mayday 五月天 2016 – Calendar Poster

  • Concept 
    To create a set of two calendar posters of Mayday. It aims to explore type with image under fusion (when type and image blend to form a unity) and separation (when type and image operate independently).
    Both Mayday's significant symbols - blue sea and bananas are captured in both posters. These would be sold to the fans as a souvenir, so the target audience are mainly the Mayday fans. 
    Blue Sea
    - the so-called blue seas are formed by their official glow sticks in every Mayday's concert
    - symbolizes the brotherhood of the 5 members because of they shared a banana in one of their early classical   MV scene (憨人 Fool) and eat bananas at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards as a celebration
    - the Mandarin pronunciation of banana (香蕉 xiāng jiāo) is so similar to the word 相交 (xiāng jiāo),
      which means being friends

    T H A N K   Y O U   V E R Y   M U C H !