Cooking Class 2014

  • Here is a small taste of what Cooking Class looks like through the eyes of Katie Langford, Hannah Langford, and Morgan De Paoli! From decorating the kitchen to preparing the food, the memories we made with these ten 6th grade girls will always hold a special place in our hearts. As creators and makers, we know that it's the sweet moments and subtle details that make our class so special: please enjoy our attempt at capturing 16 hours of culinary adventures into a 3 minute video.
    Video filmed and editted by Morgan De Paoli.
  • Our specially designed recipe cards.
  • We planned a week-long Cooking Class for ten 6th grade girls and had a lot of fun witht he event styling: complete with banners, recipe cards, and a photo booth. Throughout the week, the girls learned how to make 20 different dishes, and took home cutting mats, tiramisu, and homemade pies at the end of the week.
    They in the kitchen, and we had even more fun creating a kid-friendly Cooking Class!
  • Photo credit: Rebecca Kline (