Textbook : Lettering I

  • L E T T E R I N G    N O T E B O O K   I 
    I've never consistently kept a diary or journal, and only dove into keeping a regular sketchbook while taking classes in college, but since highschool I've saved words and phrases in notebooks.  I love a good quotation, so it started as a way to save inside jokes from friends, quotes and lines of music.
    Over time, I kept up with the notebooks as a way to remember mundane things on my 'to do' list, practice lettering and to experiment with materials. Hand-lettering practice improves my hand-eye coordination, spatial and material awareness, becoming just as integral to working as drawing in a sketchbook. 
  • P  -  Twist tie  +  tape
  • "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"  -  Doris Day  -  Eye liner  
  • Baby Teeth  -  Brush pen  +  white conte
  • Hoes, Hoes, Hoes  -  Christmas Card  -  Crayon
  • "Just like a river, I've been runnin' ever since," - Sam Cooke - Brush tip marker 
  • "It's better to be old than to be the devil"  -  Lip liner
  • Bamboo for Gail  -  Red Sharpie marker
  • Cape Breton Island  -  Ballpoint pen + paper
  • Best brows in the biz  -  Chisel tip Sharpie marker
  • Puff pastry  -  Brush tip marker 
  • The Dread  -  Brush tip marker
  • "Don't borrow trouble"  -  Extra fine pink Pilot pen
  • It'll be wonderful ♥ - Brush tip marker on vellum