• Overview
    Blast Magazine is a fictional next-gen gaming magazine geared towards young adults that own all gaming platforms and want to thoughtfully digest content without the distractions of more common magazines. The unique design system consists of shaped containers with large-scale images, a focus on color-coding, dynamic picture/text interaction, and standardized typography using the Code typeface and Verb type family. The Blast logo is hand-made and completely unique to this project.
  • The featured interview with Hideo Kojima comments on the themes of humor and violence in his Metal Gear game franchise, as well as the finality of his time with the series, as Metal Gear Solid V will be Kojima's last game.

  • Table of contents: plus and minus border for "review", ping pong/microphone for "interview", sneaky type for "preview" etc.
  • Dynamic typographic opener spreads
  • Busting characters out of frames/grid
  • Custom infographic of every major Metal Gear game
  • Poster Design
    My submitted poster design for the AIGA Student Pin-Up Show (1/24/15)
  • Digital Component: Dark Souls 2 Interactive Map
    Through scanning a QR code on the Dark Souls 2 review, your mobile device takes you
    to an interactive map that lets you briefly explore the Dark Souls 2 universe. Using other players' images and research, I created the highest resolution, most complete version of the Dark Souls 2 map to date. The developers never released an official map.
  • Cropped dots nudge the user to swipe downward to proceed
  • Subtle arrows on the color bar indicate a slide-out sidebar
  • Numbered map key
  • Map icon and key item highlighted when tapped. Sliding image carousel below description
  • Lightbox effect when image carousel is tapped
  • Digital Component Progress Work
  • I purchased the Dark Sous 2 map on eBay to get a full resolution scan for my interactive map.
  • Map References
  • Previous attempts by other players on the internet to create a full, unofficial Dark Souls 2 map
  • Magazine Progress Work & Original Ideas
  • Thanks for Viewing!