Reimagining Seoul Metro (2015 Revisited)

  • Redefine the visuals of Seoul Metro
    From concept development to visualization
  • Original Seoul Metro Map
  • Visual Inspiration

    Tried to get some hints from the traditional korean design patterns to define what makes a "seoul look".
  • Design Process

    Draw out the circular plane, place the stations on top of it, and connect. Voila!
  • Yin-Yang station is scalable
  • Logo
    Initials SM for seoul metro, using negative space to create an arrow to show progression.
  • Logo Application (T-Money Metro Card)
    Finding ways to use the least to express the most.
  • Minimalistic icons for Seoul landmarks
  • Seoul Metro Map Design
  • 2015 Revisited for Publication
    Areas of attention: Typograpy, colors, craftsmanship
  • Old Version
  • Pocket-Sized Brochure
    The design is created to be print-friendly. Enjoy all of Seoul in your pocket.
  • Front of the "Map & Guide Handbook" (Unfolded)
  • Back of the "Map & Guide Handbook" (Unfolded)
  • All of Seoul, in one hand.
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