Holiday Images for RedShift

  • T H E   H O L I D A Y S   A T   R E D S H I F T
    For the 2014 holidays, RedShift asked me to design a few simple images to promote seasonal products and events across multiple social media platforms.  Below are some early text tests and the final (party) images!
    RedShift is a couture fashion label based in Chicago, Illinois which produces one-of-a-kind garments and accessories from primarily reclaimed leather, wool, and silk. More images and products are visible here - thanks!
    • • • 
  • Redshift text  -  Nail polish
  • Redshift text  -  Lipstick
  • Redshift text  -  Marker + eye liner
  • 'Party' Final I  -  Redshift party crackers  -  Marker + pencil
  • 'Party' Final II  -  Redshift leather crown  -  Pencil + foil
  • 'Party' Final III  -  Redshift leather party hat  -  Marker + pencil
  • 'Party' Final IV  -  Redshift feather party hats  -  Nail polish, pen + pencil
  • 'Party' Final V  -  Redshift leather party hat + form  -  Pencil
  • 'Party' Final VI  -  Redshift party crackers  -  Pen + marker