Brand Rehab :: Blue Circle Seafood Spear

  • I think it is important in some instances to not only show a finished piece, but also a few comps and possibly the previous version for comparisson. This is a classic case of brand rehab. The goal here was to design a POP marketing piece that reflected Blue Circle Food's brand and quality as well as deliver key product information. This "spear" was designed for Blue Circle to display alongside their product in the seafood cases at Whole Foods Market. Not only does it reflect the quality and integrity of Blue Circle Foods, it also harmonizes well within the Whole Foods Market brand standards. Digitally printed on die cut white P95 substrate, waterproof and made to withstand the rigors of cold temps, water and ice. The order below reflects the final version followed by four comps and the previous version- not done by me.
  • Final Artwork.
  • Comps.
  • This is the BEFORE artwork.