• Monster Jeffrey, The Rolling Drummer
    Toy design for little kids
    This is an interactive toy designed for children between the ages of 1 to 3. Is has Jeffrey, the monster, on top of it. When the rollin toy car gets pushed forward Jeffrey starts drumming and entertaining its little owner.
    The model consists of two axles, each with a gear, these make the gear in the middle turn, which is attached to a bar that has some cams on it. There are 3 different cams; one that lift a bar up and down for the body to go up and down, one for a bar that makes the cymbal go up and down, and one that pushes a bar up and down to have the arms of the monster go up and down. This all makes the illusion that the monster is playing the drums while it is driving the little car.
    The model was made in Rhinoceros 3D, rendered in KeyShot and 3D printed. But for now is the physical prototype still in production!
  • To be continued...

    Any feedback is appreciated