Do You Hear The People Sing?

  • The eve before National Day thousands gather at the protest location, Admiralty. 
  • An onlooker listens to the thousands singing in unison for their beloved Hong Kong. 
  • A woman stops to read the posted signs lining a nearby wall. 
  • A protester searches for his friends within the mass crowd.
  • National Day is a public holiday within China to celebrate the People's Republic of China.
  • A protester rests after sweeping an area near some barricades of the police. 
  • Locals climb over a barricade to continue their route to work. 
  • A protester smokes a cigarette while resting on a barricade. 
  • A group of locals gather in debate over their views in supporting the Umbrella Movement. 
  • The police escort an older man from an argument within the Mong Kok protest site. 
  • Protesters gather in attention to watch a documentary about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America.
  • Many protesters set up tents to showcase art in support for the cause. 
  • Police begin to disassemble a barricade within Mong Kok. 
  • After the police leave the area, protesters reappear to carry the remains of the barricade away. 
  • The police force gathers within Mong Kok to keep the peace while trying to slowly remove the barricades even though the protesters show no sign of leaving. 
  • A local yells for the police to help disengage a fight. 
  • "Never give up."
    "Stars can't shine without darkness."
    "Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence."
    "We wouldn't surrend if people don't trust us!"
    "When the umbrellas open and the trumpets sound, the voice of reason and right, can be heard in the land only with difficulty. We offer the probability that you patriotism will be impugned. But I also offer you the sure and certain knowledge that we will be vindicated."
  • Although the protesters first began sleeping on the ground, the use of tents became more popular. 
  • During downtime some protesters read while others choose to find sleep. 
  • A unique art installation where one can burn an offering for the removal of these governmental officials. 
  • Recent college graduates gather in Admiralty to take photographs in their cap and gown. 
  • A canopy, created from umbrellas, hangs between the two bridges crossing over Admiralty. 
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