• the Bosky
    A Flexible working desk lamp
    The goal of this project was to learn while working hand on with machines and materials to create a practical and visually appealing desk lamp.
    The vacuum plug of the Bosky was made out of poplar, then a thermoplastic sheet was used to create the half the shell. The two parts were then glued and sanded into one shape. The inside of the lamp is painted the same color as the power cord; Lime Green, creating the green light that glows out of the lamp. The outside is painted Graphite Grey Metallic to giving it a high quality looking finish. The base is made out of wooden dowels attached to each other with slots, then is screwed together. The power cord is wired through the holes in the dowels. This is meant to create a very flexible working desk lamp. It can be moved into position for different uses and clamps to the side of most work tables.
    the Bosky

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