Face Off - A Movie Trailer Cliche Study

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    For my 3D design class at Savannah College of Art and Design, we were tasked with creating a short animation about a realistic hero object. This object had to be non-human and non-animalistic in nature. So I decided to go with toys!
    I thought it would be interesting to create a darker tone or mood for the subject matter. In essence – it is a toy dump truck versus a robotic arm. Relatively silly, but with an over dramatic blockbuster look to drive home the action trailer cliche. I used dramatic lighting to paint the scene via the robot red light or twilight from the window. Having the scene take place towards the evening provides mystery and danger.
    The movie trailer consists of stylized titles. The titles play off (or parody) the recent Pacific Rim movie end credits – very stylized with glossy macro shots of the two main characters.The Toy Truck is the Hero Object of my final project. It contrasts nicely with the villain and is seemingly playful, innocent, and friendly. It also is a perfect candidate to transport objects like the letter blocks or other small toys. The curved modeling adds to the fact that this toy truck should be no match for an advanced robotic arm. This toy truck was modeled after a real toy truck that I bought off of Amazon. It was very helpful to have something to hold in my hand to get the model right.
    The villain of this story needs to not only look vicious, but also it needs to be the complete opposite of the hero – more advanced than a mere toy truck. The robotic arm fits the role perfectly. After many sketches, I ended up with a robotic arm that appears snakelike in its shape. This is important because it seems dangerous, intimidating, and cunning. The added red eye also clearly communicates evil. Also, the texture of the robot arm indicates that it has seen battle and is therefore experienced.
    Software used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere.

    Time Frame: 5 weeks
    Hope you enjoyed it!