Happy Life After Surviving | F/W 2014 | womenswear

  • This is a collection I designed for Opening Ceremony, which is a very youthful, playful 
    and forward brand.The target market for this brand is all about young and fashionable
    For me, I take design as medicine. It always can heal and bring energy and
    happiness to me, so I want to use my design to encourage and influence the friends 
    around me to be positive. 
     I called this collection "Happy life after surviving". My inspiration was coming from crystals
    and lichens these kind of very beautiful and strong lives. They were created by the nature,
    and survived after hundreds of years. No one can imagine what happened for them durning
    this envirnmental changes. How did they survive and become the most fansty creatures.?
    This is what I want to show for the young. When facing the difficluties, or in a hard situation,
    you should never give up, try your best to figure it out and make your dream come ture.