SKYY Social Media Concepts

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  • SKYY Vodka launched a new marketing program called "West of Expected" that places a cosmic spin on life lessons. The program has witty lessons for their viewers that provides tips to make a night out with friends more spectacular.
    The following social media concepts go along with the "West of Expected" marketing program. They are designed to display on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the Fall of 2014.
  • SKYY West of Expected: Cocktail Swords + Cocktail Knights = Epic Cocktail Battle. #WestOfExpected
  • SKYY West of Expected: You + Me (Cocktails) = A Perfect Night. Know the formula. Drink responsibly.
  • SKYY West of Expected: Iconic design, exceptional smoothness. #WestOfExpected
  • SKYY West of Expected: Scientifically, Thursday is still the official start of the weekend. Drinks are in order. #SKYYScience
  • SKYY West of Expected: Here’s an Oktoberfest tip: Martinis and pretzels go great together. #SKYYtoberfest
  • SKYY West of Expected: You’re halfway to the weekend. Celebrate your achievement with something delicious. #WestOfExpected
  • SKYY West of Expected: Kickoff with this delicious cocktail:
    Recipe: “The Bitter Kick:” 1 1/4 oz.  SKYY Vodka, 1 1/4 oz. Cinzano Sweet Vermouth, ¼ oz. Fernet Branca
  • SKYY West of Expected: Mix your SKYY with spontaneity. #SKYYSaturday
  • SKYY West of Expected: If it’s not porch weather in your corner of the world, pour one of these and imagine a Georgia breeze. 
  • SKYY West of Expected: Need proof we can play well with others? Look no further than this classic.
  • SKYY West of Expected: Cocktails so good, you’ll want to take it slow to savor the taste. 
  • SKYY West of Expected: Drink Responsibly.