Connect Ocean | Summer 2014 | womenswear

  • The collection Connect “Ocean” was inspired by my dives in Bahamas. The 
    deep blue world impressed me deeply.  Its power, its constant change, its 
    ability to cultivate life, its amazing marine lives, its fascinating secrets, 
    attract us to discover it.
    When I was diving, I enjoyed the wonderful world and I was excited 
    about seeing every fantastic lives. At the same time, I realized human 
    is very puny when facing the ocean’s power. Some of the beautiful but 
    dangerous marine lives and reef, the waves, the unhealthy body, and 
    the hidden trouble of your BCD system will cause the death. Just like 
    in the real world, the young as the new society comers, feel fancy and 
    fresh about everything, but it’s easy to get hurt.
    Even it is dangerous, the brave and confident people still like to be close 
    to the deep blue world. They show hurman power  and high technologhy.
    However, be aware of how to protect yourself from dangers is very important. 
    This collection reminds people to appreciate and respect the ocean, and 
    It is created for the young, brave and confident women who love ocean, adventure and challenge.