None Given Spring/Summer 2014

  • For the None Given Spring Summer 2014 collection I wanted to further establish the "None Given Cult". Continuing the theme of baseball I used the White Sox Scandal of the 1919 World Series as my main inspiration.
  • I wanted to establish a feeling of schizophrenia for the film. The juxtaposition between music, color, models, was all to create a sense of chaos and dischord. I dont want the viewer to know whats coming next in any aspect of the brand.
    It was important for me to incorporate both hip-hop as well as punk rock music as these are two of the largest inspirations in my life and its that gritty-ness I strive to push through the brand.
  • I teamed up with my friends Pay Up!; a collective of artists based out of Cape Coral, FL and New York, New York; to create an exclusive track for this None Given collection. 
    Stephen Kellner and I created the beat and Pay Up! added the vocals.
  • Additionally, Stephen Kellner and I wrote and produced the original score for the feature lookbook.
  • "CULTS" Baseball Jersey
    100% Cotton, hand stitched, hand printed.
  • "THE TITLE" Shirt
    100% cotton, hand printed.
    100% Nylon, hand printed.
  • "N" Snapback Hat
    50/50 Cotton/Polyester, embroidered patch, hand stitched.