• Love Letter
    The product of a long story
  • Love Letter started out as a 3'x3' plaster sculpture. After weeks and weeks of frustration and near failure in Prof. Scott's 3D class, it was part last ditch effort to succeed in the class and prove that I had an ounce of skill and talent, and part venting emotional frustration from having broken up with my long time girlfriend to go to SCAD. The result was a project that finally I was proud of, and pulled my grade out of the ditch. I was so proud of this piece that I have held on to it even through numerous moves to two different cities and five different locations.

    Moreover, the girl I broke up with to make it is now my wife, so Love letter stands as a constant reminder of the strength of our relationship. And somehow I knew that the story was still not over. Before I even found out about shapeways.com I had begun modeling Love Letter, so when I realized Jess could have Love Letter to wear it was a perfect fit. If you have a similar story, Love Letter might be a romantic reminder of the love you have for that special someone.