Hispanic Heritage Month

    September only means one thing when it comes to Winn-Dixie: Hispanic Heritage Month. It is one of the biggest campaigns of the year because we celebrate exactly what our target is: Hispanics who came to the US to adopt the American culture always adding their Latin twist. Last year, we came up with our campaign: The fresh is in the mix, where we would pair up an American meal with a Latin ingredient (or vice-versa) to create a completely new dish; the result of both cultures. The campaign was such a success, we were asked to continue last years' campaign but give it a slightly refreshed look. This years' campaign "Two cultures, amazing freshness" brings new recipes to the table (pun intended) and a bright new look and feel.
    AD Michelle Poler
    CW Andrés Martinez-Curiel
    CD Marcos Moure
  • Mmmm! Spells the same in English and in Spanish
  • Cook like you talk: in Spanglish
  • The best part about being Latinamerican, is being able to be Latin and American.
  • Recipe Book to give out during the events and at the stores.
  • Poster outside the stores: Two worlds, one kitchen. (More POP photos to come)
  • Mobile version - Dropdown Menu
  • Microsite - Mobile version (www.dosculturasmuchafrescura.com)
  • Microsite, mobile version - actual recipes
  • Chef Pepin showcasing the recipes we came up with on NBC 6
    A little bit of last years' campaign. Same concept but different recipes, headlines and look and feel.
  • Who said tradition has to be traditional?
  • When two good things come together, great things happen