Intro to Fashion Design - Internal Growth

  • Contemporary Design Project: 
    "During this project you are asked to design a collection based on a Designer or Design house of your choice. Which Designer or Design house you choose is important, as it will inform the collection direction and the choice of your fabrics. For the next 10 weeks, you are the designer of this house, therefore you must research deeply into the client, come up with an original idea, yet stay focused to your vision throughout the project."

    For this project I chose to do Yves Saint Laurent, and tried to stick to his classic elements and silhouettes of design. My collection is called "The Internal Growth" because this is what I felt Yves and I shared. 
    I am not a confident person, and occasionally very shy. Yves started out this way, too. However, as he started doing what he loved and gained recognition for his talent, he began to build character and confidence within himself. Like Yves I would like to experience that internal growth; therefore, I chose this to be my main theme in my collection. 

    The range from black to orange represents the process of growth. According to the psychology of color, black can represent isolation and loneliness, white can represent innocence and new beginnings, yellow can represent being uplifted and curiosity, and orange can represent confidence. These colors seemed suitable to illustrate the story of my collection. 

    I chose mushrooms as inspiration for my collection, looking into the ruffles and patterns that the mushrooms had and tried to incorporate these elements into my designs. 
  • Moodboard and Color/Fabric Board for SS15 Collection
  • Silhouette, Color, and Design Inspiration
  • Yves Saint Laurent SS15 Collection "The Internal Growth" Line Up