• CRSSA Shirt
    This is a t-shirt screen print design for Crossroads Sport Shooting Assocation in Glen, Mississippi, run by local shooting enthusiasts and close family friends Nathan and Heidi Hendrix. Nathan and Heidi dedicate their time to training young shooters in firearm safety and marksmanship while also teaching the values of respect and hard work to those in their charge. They supported my brother throughout his athletic career, accompanying him to national shooting matches across the country, up to and including his 2011 NCAA National Championship title for the University of Kentucky. I was honored to work on this design for two people who have given so much to my family, and I hope they continue to inspire young shooters for many years to come. (December 2010)
  • Back.
    The design features negative space silhouettes of three of the contributing members of CRSSA, each showcasing one of the three types of firearms used in 3-Gun competitions with the respective targets for each on the right.
  • Front.
    (Pocket Logo.)