Service Design Through Research

  • There are missed opportunities in the electric hand drill market. The purpose of this project is to develop a design plan for a new brand that will change the way consumers think about power hand drills. 
    The concept should appeal to and engage a new type of consumer through integrated design of the product, brand, marketing, and retail experience. The new brand will capture missed opportunities in the power hand drill consumer market. This will increase the competitive advantage and improve market share to enhance the bottom line. 
  • Value Proposition
        For the less experienced Do It Yourself type person who needs to repair items in their home or car, our system of power hand tools and services create a holistic customer experience that will educate the consumer while creating brand loyalty. 
        We do this by creating a brand experience that will educate the consumer before, during and after the purchase. This experience will be present on-line as well as in retail settings. The on-line and retail resources as well as the products themselves will train the user in proper techniques for different home repair situations. Product and accessory recommendations will be readily available in the store during purchasing in the form of better educated retail personnel and digital kiosks. Self correcting features will be built into the products to teach the consumer proper techniques and ease the frustration of the 
    inexperienced user.  On-line video as well as real time Q & A support will be provided for additional help and education.
        Unlike other power tool brands, ours will create a holistic learning experience from beginning to end to satisfy the inexperienced consumer that needs to make car and home repairs. Since our brand is an ecosystem of products and services working together it will make it easier and less time consuming for the user to get accessible information about products, accessories and techniques that all work together to complete a job.