Lovable. Huggable. Kissable.

  • LHK highlights all natural and organic products, including Shampoos, Bar Soaps and Refreshers (to freshen up your pet's coat). The company uses its connections and popularity to improve the lives of unfortunate animals that have little help. Each product is named after a rescued pooch and the product's label highlights that specific rescue's story.
  • The logo needed to highlight the high-end spa aesthetic of the brand, but at the same time convey a fun playfulness that pet owners would respond to.
  • The labels were designed to highlight and organize large amounts of copy without reading like a large novel. The orientation shifts were juxtaposed to create a sort of visual spiral when flat, assiting in the flow around the bottle.
  • The entire Lovable, Huggable, Kissable line is handcrafted here in the U.S. and we only use human grade ingredients in all our products. 
  • Thanks for watching. Be sure to visit them and check out the products at LHKPETS.COM