Website Redesign/Rebrand - Accounting Firm

  • Website redesign for a local CPA who had attempted creating his own website, and found it too time consuming and unable to fulfill what he intended to convey to his audience. 
  • Client's original website - created using generic hosting software. Client complained of limited design options, and CMS's steep learning curve that made customizing the website a painstaking process.

  • Client wanted a clean, modern look, and wished to maintain the same consistent color scheme that he had set up with his first website. 
  • To achieve the client's goals, I implemented a simplified navigational structure to ease site usabilty overall, and I also maintained a simplified color scheme in brighter, more inviting hues of the same color family.

    I also opted for more emphasis on the user experience by breaking large sections of copy into smaller ones, and integrating additional imagery to further engage site users. 
  • Design I created and implemented for the customer, integrating current usability strategies, as well as additional custom designed graphic elements to further engage site visitors.