Shweet Tooth Ice Cream – Design/Identity + Process

  • Inspired by ocean life, candy kitsch, and vintage surf boards, the fictional Shweet Tooth Ice Cream brand presents an identity that  is bold, sweet, and tongue-in-cheek. 
  • Prelimnary stage
    In these original sketches, I explored different shapes inspired by the sea & surf.
    I used different media for different effects – pen & ink, cut paper, water color.
  • Identity
    The cut paper shapes became the main inspiration for the logo.
    Parts of the water color sketches were reorganized into three different repeat patterns.
  • Logo development stage
  • Final solution
  • Color studies – the palette was extracted from select hues of the prelimary water color sketches.
  • Water color repeat patterns – building the back-bone of the brand.
  • Branding
    In this part of the process, I explored with varying the scale of the water color graphics.
  • Narrative Literature (Menu)
  • Packaging (Ice cream cups)
  • Apparel 
  • Extras
    This project presented a really great opportunity for me to explore, play, and simply have fun. Below are some quick paintings I did in which I attempted to capture the mood of the brand and its concept.
  • And Lastly...
    I decided to put some Shweet Tooth merch up in my Society6 store! Check it out :) 
  • All images © Kat J. Weiss 2015. Do not reproduce without 
    the expressed written consent of Kat J. Weiss.