UX/UI Funnel Analysis Research, Wireframes, Process

  • UX/UI Funnel Analysis Research, Wireframes, Process
    Wireframing, Information Architecture, UX, Process
  • SPLYT analytics approached me to create a tutorial experience for a funnel analysis feature being added to their services. Creating a tutorial experience involved research into how their competitors approached their own funnel analysis tools and wireframing. Below are some pieces of my process, research, and examples of how I figure out how to meet project goals.
  • One of the first parts of the process involved researching and understanding the flow of the funnel and the order in which actions occurred to reach the goal.
  • These personal sketches helped me understand the flow of the necessary screens for the analysis tutorial and helped meĀ  narrow down which UI elements to add.
  • These sketches for the wireframes show how to visualize data in the analysis.
  • UX wireframes and explanations map out the stages and interactions a User would experience when going through the complete funnel analysis tutorial.