Prism Ipad Mini Case

  • Prism
    Ipad Mini Case created in Solidworks
  • Project Brief: Create a case for either an Iphone or Ipad Device using Solidworks and referencing the individual product guildlines given by Apple.
  • Inspiration for the initial case design came from geometric art, patterns, and painters Andy Gilmore, Franz Marc, and Kevin Bean. Cubist design is something so simple yet made elegant through creativity, repitition, and form.
  • Conceptual sketches of Ipad and Iphone cases. Done with pen and copic marker.
  • The final case design was created using Solidworks, Photoshop, and Keyshot. Apple's Ipad Mini design guildlines were used to model the case accurately to scale.
  • Case components are rendered in hard shiny plastic.
  • The geometric patterns were drawn on photoshop and edited in different color palettes and hues.