Lil Paddy's Pickle Packaging Design

  • Project Description
    Lil Paddy's Pickle is a Hong Kong based brand.  Their first product, Spicy Eggplant Pickle is a spicy pickled eggplant mixture that can be used to add an authentic Indian flare to many different types of dishes.  Their goal as a brand is to bring a taste of India to Hong Kong. They asked our class to create a packaging design for the product that represents their brand identity as well as leaves room for more authentic Indian products.  
    I won first prize in their packaging design project and they will use my designs on their future products!
  • Inspiration
    My inspiration for the design came from Indian patterning and architecture.  I wanted to give my design the same authentic flare that the product itself has.
  • Process
    I began by building shapes that I thought would look unique and eye catching and selecting colors that were bold but still felt earthy and tasteful. 
  • Final Design
    My final design creates a classy and colorful identify for the product.  The project was also extended to include two new products to be released in the future.
  • Detail