Retriever - City Parking System

  • Red Dot Design Concept "Best of Best" Award 2014 
    The idea of smart parking to combine sensors, parking meter and smart phone app has been a hot topic and is now being developed and tested in many big cities, which intend to solve the problem of circling around and finding a parking spot.  However, those half-baked projects have problems such as time collison, vague indication.  People need a super efficient and convenient way to park their cars without any stress. 
    Retriever, a revolutionary parking system, allows people to search, find, book and pay for a parking spot at anytime, anywhere in the city. It aims at maximizing the limited parking resources by indicating every parking spot availible to both app users and non-app users. By showing statuses of “Green“(completely available), ”Orange“(limited-time available) and ”Red” (available for booking) on both meter and app interface, everyone in the city is able to find the best spot.
    Retriever is also a boon for the city management. All data are monitered in real-time so the traffic wardens can response immediately whenever there is  a violation.