Pan's Labyrinth Poster Illustration

  • A Poster project for an ILLU 213 class im taking a scad.
    Prompt was to create a poster design of our choice.
    Any media, subject, genre, etc.
    I jumped at this opportunity to illutrate one of my favorite films.
    Pan's Labyrinth.
  • I started with a quick 20 minute value study,
    Just a small speed painting to get familiar with the form and where i want my lighting etc.
  • Next i did the inking of the Faun.
    Completely in pencil and ink,
    I really wanted to focus on the linear beauty of the poster.
    I think it goes better with the personality of Pan and illustrates the gorgeous design
    Del Toro had envisioned while making the film.
  • This was the first painting test.
    Experimenting with how much color i wanted or needed.
    The more i added the less i liked it.
    It became more obvious i needed to bump the color down a lot.
    I also decided not to go with the textured gradient,
    It made Pan look a little too threatening and scary.
    I wanted to focus on the labyrinth side of the story.
    The big picture.
  • I decided to add a labyrinth behind Pan.
    I traced over a print out of a generic maze,
    and proceeded to add hundreds of intricate lines.
    I liked the idea of there being a labyrinth within a labyrinth.
    It went along with the story of the film,
    and how there where two different types labyrinths being explored.
    This also created a stronger composition and visual character.
    It gave a reward to the viewer for looking closely and paying attention to detail...
    ..just like the film...
  • This was the final outcome.
    I had a bit of a struggle with the text.
    But all in all i was pretty satisfied with the result.
    I took color almost completely out of the picture,
    although there are accents and strokes of blue and violet within the values of Pan.
    The dust-y look and texture went well with the concept and design,
    it's a bit paranoid and creates a curious cognitive side to the poster.
    The focus stays on the line work and the elements comliment eachother fairly well.
    Im still a bit torn on whether not the maze should be less opacitated,
    but at the end of the day, i had a lot fun with this project and am happy with the result.
  • A revision before i turned in the final.
    Kicked down the opacity on the labyrinth and cleaned up some areas a little.
    I also customized the text to give it a more personal touch.