Level- a brand new motel service with interface design

  • LEVEL is based off intensive research of motel service sector (NAICS#: 721110)  results in a rethinking of the whole motel business. The traditional motel has become a filthy, cheap and last-choice option for the majority of people nowadays, and it has lost most of its used-to-be customers. 

    With this rethinking and reviving project, we redefined the demographic of users, stakeholders and entended this analysis to the whole industry to re-brand this falling business. 

    This UI is part of the innovation serving for a brand-new automated accomodation experience. The business model and details of LEVEL will be elaborated in another project to unfold an attractive story.
  • After laying down a pretty thorough story, I began to develop a quick mockup for the interface. This interface will be implanted into our in-room ordering system, on a 32-inch touch screen fixed on the wall of guest room, so our customer can have full access to our full-range of service from food to garment service. 
    This first version of mockup was developed in Adobe Illustrator. And it was later on tested on three users to get appropriate feedback.