The Leo Diamond

  • Brand Research 
  • The Visibly Brighter Leo Diamond 
    The Leo Diamond is designed to be visibly brighter than other diamonds. The major difference between Leo diamond and other brand is their diamond cut;  their unique symmetry and placement of the facets catches more light and thus make the diamond shine visibly brighter. 
    Beauty of the diamond
    Leo diamond emphasizes heavily on the 4C’s; the cut, carat weight, color, and clarity of the diamond. The beauty of all their bridal jewelry all begins with the diamond brilliance. 
  • Leo Diamond jewelry design remains to be classic and timeless. Their design allows the center diamond to radiant more brilliances and thus catches the viewer’s eye. 
    While we celebrate love and bonding between two individuals in bridal jewelry, we want the love to be everlasting as well. Stars are eternal; they are visible when the sky is clear while they shine.  We hope that love contains the quality of stars so that it will shine brighter everyday and be everlasting. 
    The bridal ring design is inspired by forms of the stars. Most of the design uses princess cut stone as the main diamond, and the diamonds are designed to be set at an angle in a diamond shape.