Strength in Vulnerability: A Lasercut Exploration

  • Traditionally, armor is about protecting our weaknesses and vulnerable features. However, there is beauty and great strength in presenting these out in the open. Intentionally, the chest and neck are left open on the garment. The idea was inspired by the way rocks, stones, mountains, and marble break at places of weakness. This creates beautiful forms and lines.
    I incorporated these into my repeat pattern that was designed in Adobe Illustrator, which I lasercut into 4 different layers. The layers were rastered and cut on vegetable dyed leather, felted wool, crinkle texture paper, and washable leather-like paper. This was fully lined with polyester that I dispersed dyed to create a marble effect and a variation of color.
    To be displayed in the Embodied Evolution Competition on May 9 2014
    Modeled by Jessica Daly
  • Process:
    Sketching & Inspiration
    Fabric Disperse Dye
    Garment Design & Construction
  • Final Piece:
    Before the Layers are Cut
    On the Body
    Off the Body
  • Final 4 lasercut layers 18" x 32" before the addition of the disperse dyed polyester
  • Close up of final 4 lasercut layers, showing detail of rastering on the leather
  • Disperse dyed polyester interior
  • Back of vest close up, showing final 5 layers