• A conceptual TV series intro that appears on ESPN's Fighting Rings.
    Target Audience
    Younger audiences crave more energy and excitement when viewing television. I decided to take the path of an epic battle. Every upcoming boxer dreams of making it all the way to the final championship – the face off, the final show down to see who will be victorious and their name be bathed in lights and glory. This is a conceptual intro to the TV show Fighting Rings in whih famous past battles are overlaid over the logo. 
    The main focus will be on the ring – the platform where only one will be victorious. The idea is that the camera will do macro shots of the metallic logo – and in the reflections we will see epic battles (quick cuts and sequences) spliced together. It will start out with legends facing off then as the camera cuts to different parts of the logo, we will see new and upcoming contenders training and fighting. The last sequence will be a knock out and a cut to the champion holding the trophy belt. Then the end frame of the logo will revolve and reveal.