• Target Audience
    The target audience for the proposed series are people interested and passionate about history, ancient cultures, mysteries, and adventure. These people consider it as an investment to watch the educational series that the National Geographic Channel has to offer.
    The audience is taken on a quick journey searching for a lost civilization. There are clues set up throughout scenes which are visually evident. Conceptually, the glyph or symbol (purposefully resembles National Geographic’s logo) is used to lead the adventurer to the lost civilization. The red annotations are meant to animate to guide the eye. The glamour shot is Angkor’s stone entrance and the program series info along with National Geographic’s logo – the two are linked visually.
    Visual Style
    I wanted to illustrate a sense of adventure, but in a mysterious overtone. I chose to use mainly sepia colors with an accent of blue to make the yellow text pop. Behind the text, I chose to incorporate a map of the world as a subtle texture. This element is meant to slowly rotate and is positioned behind the text in Z space. Both the text and the globe element would be in a fixed position as it is meant to be separate from environment. The video would have to be built mainly in 3D (except for live footage at the end) to achieve the soft revolving movements as the camera glazes over the messy desk. The resolution shot is the Polaroid picture in filling the scene to reveal the discovery.