Hydraulic Fracturing 101

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    A conceptual PSA I created that was then used for C.R.E.D. as a commercial.
    Natural Gas has the potential to bridge the gap between the current oil-dominated energy mix and sustainable renewables. It’s cheap, abundant, and the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. America has more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil. Therefore the oil industry is quickly exploring and extracting natural gas in order to meet the ever-growing energy needs. Domestic natural gas production has grown 20% in just the past few years and America is now the world’s largest producer. It is estimated that we have a 100-year supply of natural gas. Because of its abundance, natural gas is expected to generate 1 million new American jobs by 2025. It is important for the general population to understand the science behind hydraulic fracturing, which is a successful technique used to retrieve natural gas.
    Since the goal is to have the audience successfully absorb the complex process of hydraulic fracturing, simple colors and stylized illustrations will be used. The frame will act as a window, moving at a fast pace to follow the voice over. There will be a brief shot of live footage in the beginning of the video, but from then on out it will be the stylized graphics. Several aspects of kinetic typography will be used: extending the ascender, stacking, and the text taking on the quality of the meaning. All of these will aid in the science behind hydraulic fracturing. The main typeface I chose to use is “folks” because of its round and playful appearance. The structure of the video will be 2.5D, relying mostly on x and y camera movements, but with occasional z-depth moves. The length of the video will be 40 seconds with a frame size of 1920 x 1080 p (29.97 fps).