Visual Merchandising: Hermès Pop-Up Shop

  • Prior to the festival, the Hermès Facebook account will post photos to thier profile as well as running sponsored advertisements that appear as suggestions on Facebook users news feed in order to generate excitement for the pop-up shop.
  • Using the hash tag #PutAPrintOnIt, customers and followers on social media platforms can get involved with the brand by posting photos of themselves wearing Hermès merchandise at Coachella.
  • The Hermès pop-up shop will arrive in a pre-constructed shipping container. Decòr will include Hermès scarves delicately drapedfrom the ceiling for a dramatic visual display. Print advertisements will be posted on either side of the container. A centrally located bar will serve a small variety of drinks for shoppers to enjoy as they interact with the merchandise.
  • The Hermès pop-up shop assortment of merchandise will include items that are relatively small, practical and easy to incorporate into an existing outfit such as scarves, fold-out tote bags and iPhone cases.