InspirED TEDx Hong Kong

  • Project Description
    While studying abroad at SCAD Hong Kong, my Advertising Illustration class is in the midst of the amazing opportunity to partner with TEDx Hong Kong, an independently organized event generated by Ted Talks. We will be working with them throughout the quarter, so there is more work to come on this page, but my class is responsible for generating images for the logo, collateral material, banner and welcome signs, an installation piece for the event and finally each illustrator individually will be creating images for the TEDx Image database to be used in collaboration with the event. 
  • Assignment 1 - Logo Design
    The first assignment was to create a logo for the event which is entitled inspirED.  The ED is a play on Ted as well as to create an association between inspiration and education.  They asked our class to create logos of what inspired us.  Each individual created logo designs, and then the collaborators pulled ideas from our designs to create a final logo.  These are my three logo designs.
  • The ended up really liking the logos from our class that involved lightbulbs and the final logo will incorporate a lightbulb with a speech bubble around the word inspirED to represent the spread of ideas. 
  • Assignment 2
    The next assignment involved creating illustrations for collateral materials such as t-shirts, landyards, bags, stickers, posters, ext.  I developed two ideas each with two final images. 
  • This image was born out of my desire to create what an idea might look like.  I wanted to create something that felt organic and like it had the capacity to grow and expand, but still confine it to concrete shapes and geometric forms that feel like they could be mathematic or scientific as well as artistic.  Finally I wanted to reference the traditional phrase/illustration of gears turning in your mind when you are thinking or developing ideas, while developing my own artistic take on this imagery. 
  • Here I experimented with adding texture to the background using images from Nassau's duty free image gallery.
  • Here I incorporated the final shapes into a poster/tshirt design to show the spread of ideas. 
  • This idea plays off of the speech bubble motif that will be added into the logo.
  • Assignment 3
    Assignment three consisted of watching Ted Talks and illustrating based on the theme of our chosen talks.  The two talks I illustrated based on were "Teach Every Child About Food" by Jamie Oliver and "My stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor.
  • In his talk, Jamie Oliver talked about the global importance of food education, especially to children, as well  as about proper food labelling, and knowing what you are eating.  I wanted to create a graphic image that gets you thinking about food and labelling, and supports the theme of his talk.
  • Jill Bolte Taylor's talk is moving and insightful.  For my image, I wanted to illustrate the complex nature of the human brain.  The words in the background represent the inner thought and diaglogue within us all. The expanding space-like image coming from within the brain is meant to show the vastness and capacity of our minds.