Wear Your Happy!
  • A fun little project about funky socks and gloves to usher in the spring break!
    Year: 2014
    Animated in Photoshop
    Edit: Just to explain the process, I cut the music and then used my phone to film myself doing things like juggling balls, happy feet dancing etc (except the skatebording shot).
    Because I didn't have such colorful socks and gloves with such patterns, I used markers to help me. Eg. For the 321 sequence at the beginning, I taped my fingers and drew some rough markings on the tape that will allow me to note where I should paint my patterns in Photoshop (I used tape because I don't like my fingers dirty, and the marker I was using was permanent. Also, if I was intending to do several different patterns, it is easier to remove any of the tape from my hand and put new tape on to change the pattern).